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Our company is located in Dashiqiao City, an important town in southern Liaoning with beautiful scenery. It is well-known both at home and abroad and is known as the "Magnesium Capital of China". It is an important transportation hub and military center in southern Liaoning. With the help of the unique geographical environment, our company has cooperated with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes in research and development, and successfully developed different types of new products. With strong resource advantages, rich experience, rigorous work style, and scientific management, the company brings you the best service Its products, synthetic mica (products include: mica sheet, mica powder, mica paper, mica tape, mica plate, machinable ceramics, cast mica, pearlescent pigments)...

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    Contact: Manager Han
    Cell phone:13332312177
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    Liaoning Zhongke Crystal Industry Co., Ltd.
    Address: Tieling Street Village, Dashiqiao Economic Development Zone, Yingkou
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